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Join Charley Wilson, Southern California Water Coalition executive director, as he talks to the most interesting and innovative people working in California water today.


Water news in Southern California often gets overshadowed by other pressing issues such as homelessness, traffic congestion, and housing affordability stories. Water is just as important for life as housing, but very rarely do water issues rise to crisis levels in Southern California. That is a testament to the region’s decades of investment in water supply reliability. But this reliability also means that positive developments and potential solutions may be easily overlooked by people who are otherwise interested in regional issues.

Southern California Water Coalition believes we can help bring these stories to life through our Water Matters Water TV and podcast. Hosted by Executive Director Charley Wilson, the monthly video and podcast series will highlight the region’s many examples of innovative projects and thoughtful, inspiring people working on water issues, underscoring the importance of water projects and policies to the Southern California way of life.

The Southern California Water Coalition is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public education partnership dedicated to informing Southern Californians about our water needs and the state's water resources. We were founded in 1984.