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Join Charley Wilson, Southern California Water Coalition executive director, as he talks to the most interesting and innovative people working in California water today.

Nov 22, 2023

Introducing "What Matters Water TV + Podcast," your essential destination for all things water in California. In this groundbreaking series, we dive deep into the pivotal conversations and innovations that are shaping the future of water management in the Golden State.

Join us as we sit down with some of California's top water leaders, including Adel Hagekhalil, General Manager of the Metropolitan Water District; Karla Nemeth, Director of the California Department of Water Resources; E. Joaquin Esquivel, Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, and more. They'll provide insights into their roles, the challenges they face, and their visions for a sustainable water future in the nation's most populous state.

But What Matters Water TV + Podcast goes beyond the boardroom. We explore the stories of communities, innovators, and everyday Californians whose lives are profoundly impacted by this precious resource. From drought resilience and storage to stormwater capture and groundwater management, we're at the forefront of water policy.

Water is not just a resource; it's a reflection of our values and priorities. So whether you're a policy wonk, an environmental enthusiast, or simply someone who cares deeply about California's future, What Matters Water TV + Podcast is your gateway to understanding the most vital liquid in the West.

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